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EvoMuse: Testruction, 180 Capsules



Take two capsules, twice per day. One dose whenever, the other right before bed. If stacking with MyoSynergy Elite, take these products at different times of the day.

Supplement Facts
E. Ulmoides 500mg
Butea Superba 200mg
Long jack 100:1 100mg
Naringenin/cyclodextrin complex 50mg
Maca 20:1 100mg
Morinda officinalis F. C. 300mg
Astragalus Membranaceous 300mg

Testruction has been formulated to optimize testosterone levels and androgen receptor responsiveness for maximum muscle gain, as well as libido and sexual performance. This unique formula, based on the most current research, is designed to make you perform better in the gym and the bedroom with a multi-angled approach to help optimize a few of your favorite things in life.

Ingredients and function
E. Ulmoides
EU comes from the bark of a small tree native to China, and has been well studied for a variety of effects on the brain and body. 

While research has shown numerous beneficial characteristics attributed to EU, let’s start with the most important one for our purposes here, then we’ll take a quick look at the other bonuses. 

EU acts as a mild androgen, exhibiting “phytoandrogen” properties. It also acts as an androgen booster/helper, by augmenting endogenous and/or exogenous testosterone signaling at the androgen receptor (1). So this means that any outside sources of androgens getting into your body (including EU itself, and other ingredients in the Testruction formula), as well as your own natural circulating testosterone, will now have an even stronger effect with the help of EU.

Other noteworthy benefits

Potent inducer of Growth Hormone (2)
Increases IGF-1 expression (3)
Selectively increases GLUT-4 expression in muscle cells (2)
Elevates adiponectin levels and lowers bad adipokines (2)
Supports optimal fasting insulin & blood pressure (4)
Increases fat oxidation and use of ketone bodies on a high fat diet (4,5)
Inhibits pre-adipocytes from becoming fat cells (6)
Supports healthy triglyceride levels (5)
May improve memory and cognitive function by boosting acetylcholine levels (7)
Markedly increases BMP-2 (bone growth/muscle hypertrophy signaling) (3,6,8–10)

Butea Superba
Bueta Superba is an interesting Thai herb, widely considered to have aphrodisiac qualities. Along the lines of the aphrodisiac aspect, it has been shown to increase penile erections in diabetic rats (diabetes frequently interferes with normal erectile function) (11). 

This benefit has also been demonstrated in humans. Thai males aged 30-70 with erectile dysfunction were given BS in a randomized, double-blind study for 3 months, and 82% of them saw noticeable improvements in sexual function (12).

When a compound has libido boosting effects, chances are pretty good that we’ll see some positive interaction with testosterone and/or DHT, which is exactly what we see with BS. If one were to look solely at the 2008 rat study from Cherdshewasart, et al., it would appear that BSE could actually lower testosterone when taken at high doses, and even elevate liver enzymes (13). However, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind here. One, when taking prohormones or steroids, the body drops production of its own testosterone to compensate, which is likely what is happening here. And two, the rest of the published data tells a different story, in fact, another rat study using an even higher dose of BSE resulted in increased testis weight and sperm count, and found it to be safe with no adverse side effects at 100x the Thai recommended dose for humans (14).

BS has also been shown to be anti-estrogenic and androgenic in several other studies, as well as being deemed to work in conjunction, and synergistically with the body’s own testosterone levels similar to E. Ulmoides (14–17).

In a 2012 case study, a patient came in “complaining” of an increased sex drive. Lab testing revealed elevated levels of Free Testosterone, DHT, and DHEA-sulfate, and was thus diagnosed as having hyperandrogenemia (aka elevated androgens, sounds like a good problem to have). After assessing current supplement intake, the patient was advised to stop taking BS. One week after cessation, the patient’s sex drive had returned to normal and lab testing showed DHT had dropped back to normal (18).

BSE also appears to have some positive effects on the brain. Research shows it can increase neurogenesis in the hippocampus, relieve depression-like symptoms induced by chronic stress, ameliorate cognitive dysfunction, and inhibit acetylcholinesterase thereby elevating acetylcholine levels (19,20).

In summary, we should see a nice jump in muscle building anabolic hormones, more help with making circulating androgens work better, anti-estrogen activity, and a bit of a brain boost.

Ever wonder how researchers determine sexual performance in human subjects? Well, to the dismay of many readers, no, they typically don’t pull up a chair and kick back with a beer and a notepad while couples go at it.

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