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LGI: The Natural, 120 Capsules


LGI has just rendered all other "test boosters" completely obsolete.

The Natural represents the culmination of years of research into effective testosterone boosting agents and formulations. To say that our efforts have been successful would be putting it too mildly: We believe that there has never been a testosterone booster that can compare to this one.

The Natural is the only test-booster that:

-Introduces potent new testosterone-boosting factors. The Natural contains methyl-palmitate and methyl-oleate in stabilized and highly bioavailable solid forms. These two fatty acid derivatives, found naturally in honeybee drone milk extracts, have been shown to possess androgenic and anabolic activity. [1,2] When used in combination, they increase the weight of androgen sensitive tissues, increase plasma testosterone levels, and elicited anabolic effects in the androgen-responsive levator ani muscle.
The Natural also contains a high-polysaccharide extract from C.Songaricum -- a proven adaptogen which has shown incredible testosterone-boosting and anti-cortisol effects in animal experiments [3], and which has been a virility-enhancing mainstay in traditional Chinese and European medicine for centuries.[4]

-Inhibits SHBG. Naringenin is the only non-estrogenic small molecule that has been shown to inhibit SHBG at reasonable concentrations.✝[5,6] The Natural includes Naringenin at a dose that ensures blood concentrations high enough to bind to and inhibit SHBG, thus boosting free testosterone levels.

-Provides optimal vitamin and mineral support. Vitamin D3, Zinc, and, perhaps most importantly and certainly most overlooked, Vitamin K2 have all been shown to enhance testosterone secretion and promote proper steroidogenic function.

-Provides anabolic support. Epicatechin is well-known as a follistatin-increasing agent, and has become popular in recent years as a natural anabolic. For good reason: It works.[7,8] There is also evidence that it can boost testosterone via enhancing the function of the 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme.[9] Its inclusion makes The Natural the most directly anabolic testosterone booster yet!

The Natural is a dominant, aggressive, and powerful testosterone booster. Nothing like this has ever been made available before.

✝ -- Claims have been made that 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran from stinging nettle can inhibit SHBG, but these claims are spurious. A lignan, 3,4-DVTHF has near-zero oral bioavailability & in fact converts to the estrogenic "mammalian lignans" enterolactone and enterodiol following oral administration!

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