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Vicious Labs: Necropolis 90 Capsules


Necropolis became the focus of development after Black Alchemists experienced mutations following exposure to the cryptic substance. Months of refinement resulted in a stabilized complex capable of optimizing physiological processes.

The introduction of Necropolis marks the second installment in the Necrogen series and serves as the hormone control counterpart to Necrosis. It's simple, yet effective, ingredient profile targets estrogen and cortisol using fully effective doses of KSM-66, Arimistane, and DIM. As an added feature, Necropolis also contains the potent 6-Paradol (Grains of Paradise) - a fat mobilizer to compliment the lipolytic profile of Necrosis.

Necropolis is formulated in a manner that offers effective, tangible benefits to a diverse range of users and purposes: on-cycle ancillary, a component of post-cycle therapy, and/or as a non-hormonal performance and physique enhancer for natural athletes. Each bottle grants a 30 day supply of this transformative Black Alchemy tonic.


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