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PES: High Volume, Cotton Candy 18-36 Servings


Prepare to Feel the Volume

We’ve all experienced the pump…that feeling of your muscles blowing up after doing a set of intense lifts during your workout. You do these sets, you feel the muscle fullness and see your arms swell in front of you, but within minutes of concluding your workout, you lose the pump. That’s just how it is, and how it’s always been. Until now…

Pump Permanence

At PES, we’ve done some pretty groundbreaking things and have been the first company to bring a handful of novel and now-popular ingredients to the market. But we wanted to do something different here. We wanted to take the “pump product” category and permanently turn it on its head. And after over a year of diligent research and development, we have finally created a product that doesn’t just give you a pump that lasts 5 or 10 minutes after your workout; High Volume is the first ever product in the category with a formula focused on building muscle with pumps that last hours.

We had 3 goals with this product:

  1. 1.       The best pumps you’ve ever experienced
  2. 2.       The highest level of performance you’ve felt
  3. 3.       A product that doesn’t just give a quick pump, but is actually focused on the long-term benefits of an amazing pump

And we’ve undoubtedly taken these goals and crushed them.

Let’s take a closer look at how we achieved what was once deemed impossible…

Nitric Oxide Unlocked – The Missing Link in Muscle Growth

For a long time, it’s been unclear whether or not “the pump” actually improves muscle growth. Recent research now suggests that nitric oxide (NO), one of the major compounds that produces pumps during exercise, is directly involved in building muscle [1-3]. Not only does nitric oxide improve bioenergetics in muscle so that you can move more weight for more reps [1], but it also can in fact build muscle [2,3]. So what do we want to do? Elevate NO, and keep it elevated for hours!

But here’s the catch: most products do not use ingredients that actually elevate NO in the body. And even the few that do, you’ve deflated by the time you get home from the gym. They may induce pumps, but these pumps are short-lived and do not produce the lasting effects that true nitric oxide increases can provide.

So naturally, in High Volume, we addressed both these issues. We found compounds that actually elevate NO, and we found a way to bypass the issue of NO’s short half-life, or active time in the body. And this is how we’ve permanently redefined the pump category…and permanently changed the understanding of why a pump is important.

High Volume | More of What You Want, None of What You Don’t

Pure L-Citrulline (no Malate here…)

L-Citrulline is one of the best NO ingredients on the market, but it is constantly used at tiny serving sizes. We even found it even provided benefits outside of the NO boost! This is due to L-citrulline’s unique ability to detoxify the body and muscles by removing ammonia, a muscle protein waste product, from your body.

But stop wasting your money on Citrulline Malate in a pre-workout product. You need Pure L-Citrulline. The citrulline malate found in products is just a blend of L-Citrulline and L-Malate. That means, the 4 grams of L-Citrulline that is found in High Volume is equivalent to the citrulline content in 8 grams of citrulline malate! That’s what we do at PES…we give you more of what you need for NO.

Malate is a good ingredient to take with BCAAs or intra-workout, but it has absolutely no use for pumps or increasing NO. So why are you taking half the amount of citrulline?

Nitrates – All Day Pumps?!

Remember…the key is to increase NO, do it quickly, and have it last for its long term benefits. In our search for a long-lasting pump ingredient, we focused on a compound that has been used by for the purpose of venodilation (expansion of your veins for roadmap vascularity and pumps). This compound is nitrate.

Nitrates, in addition to having an 8+ hour half-life for long lasting pumps, use a unique pathway to boost NO. To be specific, nitrates bypass the enzyme that L-Citrulline relies on, eNOS, which has a “saturation point” at which no further supplementation can increase its activity. This means that you can bypass the body’s natural restriction points for unparalleled muscle pumpswith the combination for nitrate and citrulline. You see, nitrates act as an “NO donor,” meaning they convert to NO directly via a 2-step process…no enzymes or restriction points involved [7]!

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