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Platinum Labs: Amino Grow, Watermelon, 30 servings


Amino Grow is a high quality BCAA based workout recovery supplement, using the most scientifically proven and anabolic promoting 2:1:1 ratio with a full 7,900mg dosage of BCAA/EAA in every serve.

Exercise is a unique time for the body, due to the extra exertion placed on the muscles they begin to act like a sponge, becoming highly receptive to any nutrients circulating in the blood stream and utilising them to recover and grow! It’s been known for a long time that our muscles require BCAAs at this crucial time but why stop there?

Platinum Labs have taken recovery formulas to the next level by adding a full multivitamin spectrum as well to make sure we are getting those all-important micronutrients that many of us miss, and ensuring we get them at this critical time. This ensures we can recover faster and stay in peak condition. Couple this with the added pump and focus ingredients in the blend and you will be sure to be on top of your game and performing at your peak!

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