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EvoMuse: Atomic Meltdown 8.5 Fl Oz *LIMITED QUANTITY*

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Atomic Meltdown: The World's ONLY Fat Burning Tanning Solution! got it. We finally have everything in place.

Lean and Tan: a beautiful bronze sculpture come to life - in the reflection of the mirror and the eyes of everyone around you. You work hard for your body, now let Atomic Meltdownbecome your secret weapon.

Containing a potent blend of accelerators, moisturizes, bronzers, subtle tinglers, and a cutting edge topical fat burning formula, Atomic Meltdown promises to blast the fat, improve skin tone, and give you the richest color possible.

This is a cutting edge formula, indeed. Containing the most kickass topical fatburner ever made - Avant Research's 'Napalm' - RPN has taken it to a whole new level. Designed to interact with UV light (from either a tanning bed or sunbathing), as well as dealing with VAT issues, Atomic Meltdown is poised to completely annihilate fat deposits leaving you bronzed, ripped, and ready to rumble.



Apply liberally before UV exposure. Keep away from eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of Children.



Aqua, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Ceteareth-20, Dimethicone, Cissus Quadrangularis,Green Coffee Bean Extract, DHA Bronzer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Seaweed and Apple polyphenol complex, Glyceryl Stearate, Sesamin, L-Tyrosine & Actibronze complex, Bio-tanning complex, Propionyl-L.Carnitine, Benzyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Triglyceride complex, Glycerrhetinic Acid, Beta-Alanine, Glycerin, Ceteareth-12, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, n-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, Laurocapram, l-menthol, Yohimbine HCl, Cetyl Palmitate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance.



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EvoMuse: Atomic Meltdown 8.5 Fl Oz *LIMITED QUANTITY*

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