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iForce: Mass Gainz Strawberry 10lb

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  • Iforce Nutrition Mass Gainz 10lb

    Gaining weight isn't easy if you want to gain quality weight. As bodybuilders we don't want to gain a load of non-functional fat but muscle mass and strength. To ensure you gain quality weight you need to train hard and refuel with high quality nutrients. How does Mass Gainz measure up?

    Protein Blend For Size

    We iall know that the best source of protein is whey protein. Nothing is as high in BCAA's and glutamine which are essential for kickstarting the musclebuilding process and acting to limit muscle breakdown. As a fast absorbing, great tasting source of protein with a super high biological value there was no question that Iforce would use whey protein in Mass Gainz. Whey protein is great but to maximise muscle building you need a slow acting protein. This is where milk protein is essential. Research shows that whey plus casein is the ultimate for building muscle by both enhancing anabolism using whey and limiting muscle breakdown by virtue of casein's exceptionally long release rate. 

    Carbohydrate Complex

    Ever had a weight gainer that bloats you and send you to the toilet? Cheap high energy gainers full of sugar will do that alright as well as causing a rapid elevation in insulin that can trigger fat gain. Iforce Mass Gainz is a weight gainer that is far more smartly conceived. The base of the weight gainer is oat flour, an ideal low glycemic index carbohydrate that is both healthy and ensures you gain weight without fat gain. Added to oats, Iforce uses waxy maize and a small amount of dextrose. These ensure that the whey protein within Mass Gainz has an ideal carbohydrate source for rapid cellular recovery to occur post workout.

    EFA's, MCT's and Creatine

    Fat used to be the enemy but nutritional science has moved on since those days and we now know that a modicum of healthy fats (EFA's) can actually help keep us lean and optimise our health. At the same time medium chain triglycerides (MCT's) are included within Mass Gainz. MCT's provide a unique benefit being the only type of fat that can be preferentially burnt similar to a carbohydrate meaning that it can be used as a fuel source very efficiently. As if all that was not enough Iforce have included a clinical dose of 5g of creatine in every serving of Mass Gainz. This is the precise dose recommended for maximising muscle strength and will ensure your muscles are swole all day long!



As a dietary supplement use 1 serving (2 scoops) with 415-590ml of water or milk, one to three times per day. The best time to use Mass Gainz is upon waking, after a workout and before bedtime.

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