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Beverly International: Muscle Provider Chocolate 30.7 oz Tub

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Fast-Acting Ultra-Premium Whey
Protein Hydrolysate + Isolate Blend

The original Muscle Provider (MP) formula was invented by nutritional ingredients researcher and Beverly International (BI) founder Jim Heflin in 1995 working in collaboration with a team of food scientists. It remains to date one of the world's top "designer" protein supplements, if not the number-one such product. MP was designed to be the most anabolically potent and convenient source of protein nutrition available to bodybuilding consumers, superior to whole foods and existing protein formulas. Each 29-gram serving floods the body with 21 grams of the world's highest-quality proteins and more than enough of each amino acid required to synthesize protein in muscle and every other human tissue.

The top 3 personnel at the Muscle Provider manufacturing lab ("MP lab") possess more than 100 years of combined industry experience and include a PhD and analytical chemist. According to the NSF (, the MP lab is compliant with both its GMP and GMP for Sport programs. This means that it has gone above and beyond the FDA's minimum requirements for a dietary supplement manufacturing facility and it does not produce any products with banned substances. NSF and FDA inspectors audit the MP lab regularly to ensure that it remains compliant.

Nutritionally, MP is ideal. It contains almost no lactose and zero sugar. It is also low in sodium. Whereas other products contain large amounts of salt (sodium chloride), through rigorous trial and error the MP lab discovered a particular balance of proteins that allowed them to reduce the level of salt in chocolate MP from 0.9% to 0.1%, a dramatic reduction that further supports muscle anabolism and hardness,
as well as cardiovascular health.

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